Team News

It’s a wonderful time of year. I’m happy to share the news from our office.

Grace welcomed her second child, Lydia Colette, into the world on October 26th. Mom and baby are well. Grace is back to work part time in December and will be back full time by the start of the year.

Ariene was recently engaged! She is planning to be married in 2017. Her lucky fiance surprised her at a family part in front of their closest family members.

Natalie has recently been promoted. She now is project manager. Her role involves managing graphic projects, website development and much more. She is one of the most talented designers I have met… a true natural.

If you haven’t met Cheryl yet, you soon will. Cheryl is our office coordinator. She helps our office run smoothly and can help to schedule meetings and make sure you are in touch with the right team member. She has experience and an educational background in marketing as well as dental experience! We’re all thrilled to welcome her.

Megan is the newest addition to our team. She has experience in digital media, social media and is an excellent writer. Megan’s creativity and innovative thinking will prove a clear advantage to your campaign.

We are excited for the wonderful changes. I’m grateful for an amazing team.

This will be our best year yet. Your success is our success. Happy holidays.




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Big News November 2015

Important Google Change
Google’s most recent change effects your ability to collect patient reviews.

Google recently made a change to their Google Plus platform. This change has separated its business listings from their social media platform.


Google’s attempt to make a popular social media platform has failed in comparison to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Instead of giving up, Google is taking another stab at making G+ popular. Finally, they are following their own rules, by keeping it simple, with one focus–social interaction. (After all, that’s what made Google successful as a search engine in the first place, a simple, clean home screen.)

Before this change, you could send your G+ link to patients, requesting a review. Now, that same link will send patients to a social media page, which does not currently feature the ability to post a review.

We have found a way to generate a link that will send your patients to the correct place to write a review. It’s not easy to get this link, as we have to jump through a few hoops. We also can create a QR code to hand out at your office, allowing your patients to post a review from their phones.

We can find and provide your new review link and QR code in the next 2 weeks to our clients for only $100. Non-Identity clients can also receive this for only $200.

Google has posted a blog about this change. Their blog post however is vague and does not explain the complication of this change or how it may effect your business. View Google’s blog here: ttps://

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Finish Strong!


Dental Marketing Strategies for 4th Quarter 2015

End the year strong by planning your 4th quarter marketing agenda to prevent gaps in your schedule. Below are 6 marketing strategies that can help to boost business:

  1. Host a patient appreciation photography day. Hire a photographer to come to your office and take professional photos of 3-5 of your favorite patients / patient families. Provide the family or individual with these professional photos, in exchange for using their photos on your social media pages and website. Your patients will love their complimentary family photos and may even use them for their holiday cards. When you brand and post these photos to your social media accounts, your patients’ friends will see them and you will instantly gain viral exposure in your community. **Don’t forget to have photo release forms signed.
  1. Send out custom Thanksgiving or New Year cards. Thank your patients for their loyalty and business. Welcome their friends and family to your practice. Include a team photo and your branding to stay top of mind.
  1. Contribute to a good cause! November is National Diabetes Awareness Month as well as TMJ Awareness Month. When patients post a selfie on Facebook while holding your flyer, donate $2 to the cause of your choice. Your patients’ friends and family members will see these posts and it will provide you with viral exposure and increased recognition.
  1. Promote with a “White Christmas” campaign. Run a holiday whitening special to help your patients look their best in their holiday photos.
  1. Consider participating in our “Scare Away Tooth Decay” event. Attract new patients and families to your practice by providing a half day of free dentistry to children. This event works best after Halloween, in early November. Donating a few hours of your time to provide free cleanings to children will help boost your reputation in the community, attract new families and gain exposure when properly promoted.
  1. Plan your 2016 marketing campaign. Do not wait until after January 1st to consider your goals for the new year. Get a head start by setting goals and creating a plan for attaining those goals. Get your team involved, boost morale and make the most out of a fresh start.

Whether you’re an established practice, a new practice or just looking to breathe new life into your practice; it’s never too late to consider out-of-the-box marketing strategies that are both fun and effective. Contact us for a free marketing consultation. We offer a variety of dental marketing solutions, including: Custom Branding & Web Design, Graphics, Writing, Event Promotions and more.

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Go Viral

We’ve made it easy and affordable to get viral recognition on social media this October.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’ve created a turn-key viral marketing campaign for you. Each time a patient posts a photo, their friends and family see it. Encouraging patients to post a photo and tag your office will help expose your business on social media platforms.

For only $200, receive the following:

  • A branded 11″x17″ poster to encourage patients to post their selfie online & tag your office (non-profit of your choice, amount of your choice)
  • 4 branded Social media posts to promote your event
  • A branded flyer for patients to hold while taking their selfie in your office
  • A branded social media banner to be live on your Facebook page throughout the month or quarter

You can opt to take it a step further and also donate for “shares”, taking your social media reach to new levels.

Call us or email us today to get started. You can choose any non-profit organization to support.

Printing is not included.

(847) 629-4646

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Can you believe it?

You’re half way to 2016!

If you aren’t seeing the growth trends you’d like for the year, there’s still time to turn things around, in order to achieve both your business and personal goals.

Learn when to quit and when to stick
Evaluating your marketing ROI can seem tedious, but it’s a task you can easily delegate. Have your business print this guide, pull a report of all new patients and their referral sources. List them by referral source. Make sure every new patient is included.

List each referral source, the number of new patients from that source, as well as the sum production from those patients, and the cost per month. Calculate both the cost to acquire a new patient from this referral source, as well as the production created from this effort.

Once you have these numbers, label each investment as “High, Medium, or Low Risk”.  This is determined by the consistency of new patient flow, as well as cost for the marketing effort or source.

Here’s an example of just one referral source:

Marketing ROI Report January-June 2015

Marketing for Dentsits

By looking at this, you can see in the past 6 months you’ve made $11,000, but after factoring overhead, you may decide to cancel this campaign. Generating patient referrals will always be a low risk investment, whereas TV or radio advertising will likely be higher risk investments.

At a glance, you will be able to compare your investments.  Some high-risk investments will be worth keeping, depending on your overall goals. For instance, if you want to build your portfolio for bigger cases, it makes sense to invest a bit more to target implant and full mouth reconstruction cases.  Although you’ll spend more per new patient, the new patients will be of higher value, as they will be seeking bigger ticket services. As they begin to refer friends and family, your investment will become better over time.

It’s always important to have a consistent flow of new patients. Lower risk marketing methods, such SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Online Reputation Building, Email Marketing, and social media marketing can help to supplement your natural practice growth and almost always provide a consistent, positive ROI.

There are extraneous factors that you’ll want to consider when determining whether to stick or quit a current marketing method.

For instance, some marketing efforts are meant to increase your recognition in the town. These may be worth keeping, even though the tracked ROI may seem low. Remember, a consumer needs to see a message 6-7 times before retaining it and often taking action.

Contact Us with questions or to schedule a marketing evaluation and consultation for only $150 (usually $499). Offer expires July 31st, 2015.

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Customized “To Do” Notepads

We are now offering customized “To Do” Notepads to remind your patients to keep up with their dental appointments. Notepads will include your logo and contact information. There’s no better way to stay “top of mind”. Your patients will love these handy promotional items.

“To Do” Notepads are 4.25″ x 5.5″ with 50 sheets in each notepad.

If you are interested in our customized “To Do” Notepads, please fill out the form below. Contact us for more information.



Please choose your selection

What do you want the notepads to say?

"Call to schedule an appointment at "

We will get in touch within 24 hours to move forward with payment and design.

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Doctor Biography Website

Do you have a dental specialty, such as endodontics or periodontics? Are there multiple doctors at your business location? A doctor biography website may be right for you to help set yourself apart from the business.

Referring dentists need to be able to send their patients to a specialty (not general dental) website. This website can also serve as a resource for your referring doctors.

This website includes:

  • biography
  • education
  • specialties
  • achievements
  • certifications
  • testimonials
  • and more

We hope you find the marketing idea both beneficial for you and your patients.

To receive your custom-created biography website, let us know. We are offering this for only $899.

Dental Marketing

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Branded Info Flyer

This month we are wanting you to bring attention to the oral / overall health connection by providing your patients with a custom designed and written article.

Making a point to educate your patients on the importance of oral health for their overall health can lead to more new patients and increased acceptance for SRP.

This is how it works:

Each patient receives health connection as take-home material. The flyer discusses how your practice promotes overall health and educates the patients.

The patient, enlightened, brings the article home to her husband or father or friend who suffers from one of the mentioned illnesses.

Your printed material also offers a complimentary consultation for new patients who are coping with any of the mentioned concerns:

  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • osteoporosis
  • alzheimers
  • sjrogrens and other autoimmune diseases
  • cancer
  • mystery symptoms or ailments
  • etc.

We hope you find the marketing idea both beneficial for your business and your patients. Let’s spread the word about the importance of preventive care and oral health maintenance, while helping more new patients receive the highest quality of dental care possible.

To receive your custom-created branded Oral and Overall Health flyer, let us know. We are offering this in May for only $100. Starting June 1st, it’ll be available for $150.

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The Top 5 Reasons to Love Your Dentist

1. Your dentist can help you find love.

By preventing halitosis, your dentist can increase your chances of landing a second date.

2. “Do it yourself dentistry” is never a good idea.


3. A whitened smile can shave 10 years off of your appearance… unless you are 15 years old.

4. Visiting your dentist prevents periodontal disease (a very common condition that leads to tooth loss).

5. Visiting the dentist regularly can provide a much needed, relaxing break from your routine.


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