Reviews for Dental Marketing Company

“Hey, I’m Heidi Mount and I wanted to give you my experience with Identity Dental Marketing. I had spoken with Grace Rizza and wondering what I wanted for a website and thinking about the hassle of creating a website. I have worked in the dental industry for a couple decades and worked with quite a few website designers and always ended up having to be the one fill in the templates and talking about what I wanted for a website and not really getting what I had imagined. It was almost like it was so much work I may as well have signed up for a free one and done it myself.  I couldn’t get anything that was customized.

I decided to talk to Grace and give her a vision in my head of what I imagined for a website and told her I didn’t have a lot of time to be typing in and filling in the blanks. She was like this is what we do. You tell us what you want, we design it. I’m still thinking I’m going to be having to do all this work – back and forth, back and forth. What I discovered was we had a conversation and they delivered.

What impressed me the most with Identity Dental Marketing was the simplicity of it. In other words, I didn’t have to feel like I might as well have done it myself. What I found was, I gave direction and they just handled it. She has a team of people, they all are good. They acted very fast and very professional. They handled every situation. If I said I didn’t like something, they’d switch it out and it was what I needed.

She’s hires a team because they each are good at something specific. I don’t really know what that was, but it was like BAM, everything pulled together. They work together and delivered an amazing website. It was exactly what I wanted and I guess the most I have to say is they were very professional.”

-Heidi Mount